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In January of 2012 we stumbled on to this apartment we have named Le Bijou in the course of our third visit to L Isle sur la Sorgue. Having discussed ... Ask Questions - Le Bijou 07.10.2015 05:30:43 http://www.chezkpm.com/the-owners

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One of the pleasures of life in the Vaucluse is the abundance of fresh food sold at open air markets. Each town has a market day with its own flair. Le Bijou 07.10.2015 05:30:43 http://www.chezkpm.com/market-days

Pernes le Fontaines is a short drive from Le Bijou. There are 40 fountains dispersed throughout the town hence the name. From the Ferrande tower ... Le Bijou 07.10.2015 05:30:43 http://www.chezkpm.com/in-the-area

From Marseilles 65km south take the A-7 autoroute north direction Lyon the exit toward L Isle sur la Sorgue is well marked. Ask Questions - Le Bijou 07.10.2015 05:30:43 http://www.chezkpm.com/directions1

The village of L Isle sur la Sorgue was built around the Notre Dame des Anges a Collegial Church built in 1222 and reconstructed in the 17th century. Le Bijou 07.10.2015 05:30:43 http://www.chezkpm.com/the-village